Adopt a Plant-Centered Diet

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ThinkstockPhotos-83315560 “Experts say that eating less meat will also minimize our impact on the environment.”
—Ban Ki Moon

One of the biggest impacts any one of us can have rests in what we put on our plates. Simply by shifting closer to a plant-based diet, each person can save thousands of liters of water and dozens of kilos of greenhouse gas emissions every single day. Together, we can make a huge difference.

The great news is, each time we eat, we have an opportunity to choose a better future for ourselves and for the world’s children. And in addition, by adopting a plant-centered diet, we’ll also be healthier, live longer, and save money on health care costs down the line. That’s a great deal—for each of us, our families, our fellow citizens, and the planet.

  • Eating fully plant-based can cut our personal GHG emissions “foodprint” in half. If you need some recipe inspiration, check out The Food Monster App—just put in your favorite veggies and get dozens of simple, hearty, satisfying recipes so delicious you’ll never miss the meat.
  • If you do eat meat and dairy, aim to eat a bit less every week, and buy sustainably produced products . Cut out beef first—beef uses 20 times more land and generates 20 times more greenhouse gas emissions than beans (per gram of protein) per the World Resources Institute. Gradually wean yourself from dairy. (Here’s a handy resource: Meat eaters guide to climate change .)
  • When on the go, choose plant-based restaurants and menu items to get fresh inspiration. Encourage your local favorite restaurants to add delicious plant-based meals to the menu. Use the to find plant-based restaurants around the world.