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Raise Your Voice

Did you know that if the world’s cattle formed a nation, it would be the 3rd largest greenhouse gas emitter after China and the U.S.? From nutritional guidelines to the farm bill, your vote and voice matters.

Support Local, Regional and Sustainable Agriculture

Stand with the United Nations in the call to move away from foods that have negative impacts on the climate and our ecosystems. Support healthy food systems and communities.

Adopt a Plant-Centered Diet

We can cut our carbon “foodprint” in half—yes, that’s right, in half—by eating plant-based foods instead of animal-based. Here are resources to guide the way.

The United Nations has issued a call for all countries to move away from the consumption of animal products to reduce negative impacts on climate and the environment. Now it’s up to all of us to answer that call in ways that help our families and local communities take the first steps.

All change begins with awareness. A recent study by Chatham House, an independent UK-based research institute, found that when we become more aware of the impact of livestock on the climate, we become more willing to make different food choices. Every meal can count towards a better future, a healthier planet. Here’s what we can all do.